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Matt Novak

If you’ve ever watched the History Channel at 3AM, you know that the Nazis had a secret program during World War II to develop flying saucers. The Nazi’s UFO experiments never actually flew, but the model toy company Revell recently released a set in Germany that makes it look like one of the Nazi saucers actually worked. And historians are pissed.

“At that time it was technologically impossible to build something like this,” historian Jens Wehner told Germany’s pearl heel slippers Black Nicholas Kirkwood ooMdt
(FAZ) newspaper last week.

The toy company has pulled the 69-part set, known as the Haunebu II, from store shelves. But you can still find plenty of the toys available for sale online. The Nazi UFO is even seen on the box blasting Allied planes out of the sky—a disgusting image to promote, to say the least.

The real-life flying saucer project was started in 1934 and some conspiracy theorists believe that the Nazis actually did achieve flight with the vehicle in 1943. Some believe that the Nazis hid these UFOs in secret bases in places like Antartica, and the History Channel even devoted a 2009 episode of its show “UFO Hunters” to the Nazi plans for logo plaque sandals White Dondup t0qW2Ac
. But there’s no real evidence that the Nazis achieved flight with these strange contraptions.

“Unfortunately, our product description does not adequately express this and we apologize for it,” Revell said in a statement .

Why pull the toy from shelves? Germany has strict laws against glorification of Nazis. And while the government didn’t demand it, historians pointed out that making a toy that imagined Nazis had achieved space travel might corrupt young minds. And they’re not wrong.

“Enthusiasts can use this as a strategy to cast doubt on what we know today about Nazism,” Wehner told Haven sneakers Blue adidas OfBrRE1H

Holocaust deniers like to promote the idea that the Nazis were actually the oppressed group and that we’d have an advanced high-tech society if the Third Reich had succeeded. Ideas like a working Nazi flying saucer help fuel myths about the Nazi regime and downplay the atrocities that they committed, like killing roughly 10 million people in a campaign to systematically exterminate Jews and other “undesirables.”

But the last thing that the people of 2018 need is a sympathetic view of the Nazis. We already have plenty of those on Twitter and at the highest levels of government .

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Matt Novak

Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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In 2004, the World Day of the Sick coincided with the 150 th Anniversary of the proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. The Holy Father told believers that this dogma introduces believers into the heart of the mystery of Creation and Redemption, in other words, it is about the central role of Jesus Christ in the mystery of creation and salvation. And the Pope insisted that the key to these mysteries is the incarnation, through which God united himself with humanity in Jesus Christ.. In his own words: “In the death and Resurrection of the Redeemer human suffering finds its deepest meaning and its saving value. All of the weight of humanity’s affliction and pain is summarized in the mystery of a God who, taking on our human nature, was humiliated “for our sake… to be sin” (2 Cor. 5:21).” FOOTWEAR Mules on YOOXCOM George J Love Q9zj818

Reflecting on the mystery of the Cross, John Paul II proclaimed that from the Cross of Christ springs the answers to humanity’s most worrying questions. Jesus is the God who suffers for humankind. He takes upon himself the sufferings of everyone and redeems them. Christ also suffers with humanity, he is the one who enables those who suffer to share their pain with him. For this reason, the Holy Father affirms: “United to the suffering of Christ, human suffering becomes a means of salvation; this is why the believer can say with St. Paul: “ Now I rejoice in my suffering for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the Church ” (Col. 1:24).” x Lovers Friends Jorie Sandal in Red size 75 also in 556657885995 Raye 0ziOLxPZa

2.2. Through Christ, Suffering has been Redeemed

During the celebration of the first World Day of the Sick, John Paul II addressed in special way those he referred to as the main actors of this World Day, namely, the sick people all over the world. He urged them to bear their pain and suffering in the spirit of unshakeable faith in Christ the Redeemer, for it is only when their sufferings are joined to those of Christ that they take on extraordinary value for the life of the entire ecclesial community and the good of humanity. Leather Slip On sneakers Spring/summer Vans VcDmpQQAbQ
In other words, the Holy Father is inviting the sick to accept their sufferings with faith and live them as Christ did because through his afflictions suffering itself has been transformed and redeemed.

According to Pope John Paul II, the perfect manifestation of saving value of pain and suffering is found in the death and resurrection of Christ. Through his passion salvation has been accomplished and suffering redeemed and given a new meaning. In his own words: “In the cross of Christ not only has redemption been fulfilled through suffering, but suffering itself has also been redeemed” ( Salvifici Doloris , 19). Christ “opened his suffering to man”, and in him man rediscovers his sufferings, “enriched with a new content and a new meaning” ( Ibid., 20).” [lix]

A blog exploring student-centered, tech-rich innovative school change by the Tarrant Institute

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Court Low sneakers Red WingsHorns 33rRG1rQ
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Art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. To teach children that expression or application sounds like a lofty endeavor. But that is exactly what art teachers do in our schools every day.

If art is the expression of creativity and imagination, then we need new models. Because art is about voice and originality. There is no right and wrong way to express your vision and creation.

When I was in art class, the creativity and imagination was strongly guided and heavily directed. The art teacher would show the class, for example, a picture of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night , and then students would go to their seats with supplies and try their best to copy it.

That was the model: the teacher would show us ashining example, then wemimicked it to the best of ourability.

AndI remember being worried that I wasn’t doing it right.

I worried that my creation was not as good as the teacher’s. That minelooked different. Yet knowing what I know now, I want to give that little girl a hug. Art is often about being original. Looking different. And art teachers should be giving students the opportunity to consider their own products and explore different methods – like a true workshop.

Students in McReynolds middle-level art classroom at Rutland Town School are free to choose projects in a variety of mediums.

When you walk into theart classroom at Rutland Town School, in Rutland VT, you feel a sense of calm and productivity. Students work alone, in pairs or in groups, throwing clay, drawing, painting, working in papier mâche. They laugh and talk and whisper, moving around the room with purpose, focused and productive.

They’re the very picture ofbusy, working artists.

McReynolds uses a stations model to allow for students to explore a variety of mediums and art. Her process is based on the principles and practices of Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) , a choice-based art education approach.

The idea behind TABis simple: students are artists and the classroom is their studio.

To that end, Mrs. McReynolds introduces one station at a time to her middle schoolers at the start of the year.Students might trydrawing first, for example.Then the next week, theyengage withthe collage station. Each week or so, the studentslearn new mediums and are introduced to open stations for art inquiry.

Over time, students make their own choices from a variety of artistic mediums. At the same time, McReynoldsgradually releases responsibility, giving students their independence in creating.

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