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The above example also illustrates that when a valued affine expression exp is printed, it is its value that is displayed. For a non-valued affine expression, __repr__ and __str__ produce the same result, a string of the form '# (size)-affine expression: string-representation #' . Note that the constant affine expressions, as b[0] in the above example, are always valued . To assign a value to a non-constant Sneakers for Women On Sale Black Leather 2017 55 65 95 Philippe Model Leather mEx2ZokI
, you must set the value property of every variable involved in the affine expression.

__repr__ __str__

We also point out that new_param() converts lists into vectors and lists of lists into matrices (given in row major order). In contrast, tuples are converted into list of affine expressions:

OK, so now we have some variables ( t , x , w , Y , and Z ) and some parameters ( A , b , D and alpha ). Let us create some affine expressions with them.

We can also take some subelements of affine expressions, by using the standard syntax of python slices:

In the last example, we keep only the second and third columns of A[2] , and the columns of Y with an even index, considered in the reverse order. To concatenate affine expressions, the operators // and have been overloaded:

When a scalar is added/substracted to a matrix or a vector, we interprete it as an elementwise addition of the scalar to every element of the matrix or vector.


Note that the string representation does not stand for the absolute value of , but for the vector whose all terms are .

You can take the advantage of python syntax to create sums of affine expressions:

This works, but you might have very long string representations if there are a lot of summands. So you’d better use the function picos.sum() ):

It is also possible to sum over several indices

A more complicated example, given in two variants: in the first one, p is a tuple index representing a pair, while in the second case we explicitely say that the pairs are of the form (p0,p1) :

It is also possible to sum over string indices ( see the documentation of sum() ):

Here’s the abstract – the entire article is available open access .

Food-tracking apps constitute a major category of the thousands of food-related apps now available. They are promoted as helping users monitor and measure their food consumption to improve their health or to lose weight. In this article, I present six vignettes drawn from interviews with Australian women about their use and non-use of food-tracking apps. The vignettes provide detailed insights into the experiences of these women and their broader sociocultural and biographical contexts. The analysis is based on feminist materialism theoretical perspectives, seeking to identify the relational connections, affective forces, and agential capacities generated in and through the human-app assemblage. The vignettes reveal that affective forces related to the desire to control and manage the body and conform to norms and ideals about good health and body weight inspire people to try food-tracking apps. However, the agential capacities promised by app developers may not be generated even when people have committed hope and effort in using the app. Frustration, disappointment, the fear of becoming too controlled, and annoyance or guilt evoked by the demands of the app can be barriers to continued and successful use. Sociocultural and biographical contexts and relational connections are also central to the capacities of human-app assemblages. Women’s ambivalences about using apps as part of efforts to control their body weight are sited within their struggles to conform to accepted ideals of physical appearance but also their awareness that these struggles may be too limiting of their agency. This analysis, therefore, draws attention to what a body can and cannot do as it comes together with food tracking apps.

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On Tuesday I am giving an invited presentation at an event organised by VicHealth on the theme of ‘Harnessing the Power of Digital Technologies’. Some of the issues I’ll be focusing on include covering the different ways in which digital devices and software are used for health promotion, and what the social issues are. I’ll be drawing on my recent and current research projects looking at the social aspects of how people use digital health and self-tracking technologies (see my blog post summarising the findings of these projects).

The critical sociological approach I’ll be advancing is discussed in a range of my publications over the past few years. The most recent of these publications include my book Digital Health: Critical and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives , a chapter on wearable devices (available OA ), an article on what health professionals and healthcare consumers see as valuable about digital health and what its future may be (available OA ), a special journal issue I edited on self-tracking, health and medicine (the editorial for this is OA ) and an article reporting my research project on the use of social media by healthcare workers (available OA).

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The RAMP Platform is a lateral flow immunoassay platform that provides accurate and precise diagnostic information in minutes. Response applications include Cardiovascular and Infectious Disease tests that provide lab quality results quickly. The RAMP Platform also supports Biodefense and Environmental testing applications with the same speed, precision and accuracy.


Healthcare professionals require a diagnostic testing solution driven by rigorous quality control to accelerate patient diagnosis and throughput. Response Cardiovascular provides healthcare professionals with a choice of cardiac markers to optimize rapid clinical diagnosis. The comprehensive RAMP ® cardiovascular menu includes Troponin I, NT-proBNP, CK-MB, Myoglobin and D-dimer.

Infectious Disease
Infectious Disease

RAMP ® Flu A + B and RAMP ® RSV tests provide fast, qualitative results that enable physicians to make quick clinical decisions. The RAMP ® Flu A + B test accurately differentiates between influenza A and B antigens.


RAMP ® Biodefense tests offer rapid, on-site, biological field detection for first responders, military personnel, public safety workers and facility security personnel. Tests are available for the detection of Anthrax (AOAC approved), Ricin, Botulinum Toxin and Smallpox in environmental samples.The test portfolio also includes a Biodefense Training Test to satisfy training needs.


The RAMP ® WNV (West Nile Virus) and the RAMP ® Dengue tests arehighly sensitive tests used to identify WNV and Dengue Virusin mosquitoes. Thesetests areused by mosquito control districts, public health laboratories, veterinary diagnostic laboratories and universities.


Please contact Customer Support (1-866-525-7267 or 1-604-219-6119) to find out the products available for use in the country of interest.

For U.S. customers, the cardiovascular tests must be run in a laboratory setting when used with the RAMP 200.

​ ​


Response Biomedical Corp. (“Response”) is a global company with an extensive Global Distribution Network that will continue to be a significant mainstay behind the continued growth and success of Response. Learn more about Response Distribution opportunities.


Response Biomedical Corp. (“Response”) is a private company. Learn more about Response Investment opportunities.

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The Open Definition makes precise the meaning of “open” with respect to knowledge, promoting a robust commons in which anyone may participate, and interoperability is maximized.

Summary: Knowledge is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share it — subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness.


This essential meaning matches that of “open” with respect to software as in the Open Source Definition and is synonymous with “free” or “libre” as in the Free Software Definition and Slip on Sneakers for Men On Sale Slip on Sneakers for Men On Sale Black Leather 2017 95 Marcelo Burlon Black zpXv3

The term work will be used to denote the item or piece of knowledge being transferred.

The term license refers to the legal conditions under which the work is provided.


The term public domain denotes the absence of copyright and similar restrictions, whether by default or waiver of all such conditions.

public domain

The key words “must”, “must not”, “should”, and “may” in this document are to be interpreted as described in CLAVEL M 316 1 FOOTWEAR Hightops amp; sneakers on YOOXCOM Lacoste k8QSU

1. Open Works

An open work must satisfy the following requirements in its distribution:

The work must be in the public domain or provided under an open license (as defined in Section 2). Any additional terms accompanying the work (such as a terms of use, or patents held by the licensor) must not contradict the work’s public domain status or terms of the license.

The work must be provided as a whole and at no more than a reasonable one-time reproduction cost, and should be downloadable via the Internet without charge. Any additional information necessary for license compliance (such as names of contributors required for compliance with attribution requirements) must also accompany the work.

The work must be provided in a form readily processable by a computer and where the individual elements of the work can be easily accessed and modified.

The work must be provided in an open format. An open format is one which places no restrictions, monetary or otherwise, upon its use and can be fully processed with at least one free/libre/open-source software tool.

A license should be compatible with other open licenses.

A license is open if its terms satisfy the following conditions:

The license must irrevocably permit (or allow) the following:

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